Hardwood Lumber Products

We offer a wide range of hardwood lumber products that includes both rough and sawn lumber.

Hardwood Lumber Products

Hardwood Lumber Products List

The present product range of A. Mazaharally & Sons consists of sawn and dressed lumber, pilings, boards, poles, posts, hewn squares, railroad sleepers, tongue & groove, planks, crane mats, and shingles.

Practical Applications

The species of timber available from AMS are useful for a variety of applications, some of which are listed as follows:

Agricultural Implements
Transmission Poles
Boat and Ship Construction
Carpentry & General Construction
Railroad Crossties
Flooring (including heavy duty)
First Grade Furniture and Cabinet Work
Utility Grade Furniture and Cabinet Work
Heavy Construction
Interior Trim & Finish
Above Water Marine & Bridge Construction
Underwater Marine Piling & Construction
Musical Instruments
Sporting/Athletic Items
Tool Handles
Decorative Veneer & Plywood
Utility Veneer & Plywood