Hardwood Lumber Suppliers

HardwoodLumberSuppliers.com started exporting tropical hardwoods out of Guyana, South America. Since 2001, we have built our network to include American Hardwoods and Central American Hardwoods. With international shipping connections, we have become a major resource for those looking to ship large volumes of lumber across the world.

We have shipped to Asia, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Caribbean Islands, the Middle East and the United States. Our lumber consultants will work with you to build a custom quote and offer recommendations on they types of lumber that may best fit your project. Contact us today for a custom quote on hardwood lumber for both rough and finished grade products. We also ship logs direct to manufacturers.

Types of Hardwood

hardwood lumber

There are many different types of hardwood out there, each with its own unique properties in strength, look and use. The picture above highlights some of the popular types of hardwood lumber that is produced in Guyana. We specialize in knowing each type of of hardwood lumber we sell, so we can make the best recommendation to you for your project. Understanding the source of our products has always been important to us, so we travel the world visiting lumber concessions and sawmills. This way we know where the wood is coming from and who is milling the lumber, which helps to ensure we provide quality products.

Over the past 10 years, getting to understand the lumber has been a great experience. We have traveled into the interior jungles of South America, slept in logging camps, foraged back country rivers, hiked through mountains and had a great time doing, just so we can learn that extra bit of information about the products that we will pass on to you when working with HardwoodLumberSuppliers.com. Also, if you are on a jobsite and require on-site consulting, we are available to travel to your location and walk-though the job with you personally to ensure you get exactly what you need to complete the job successfully.